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To Do

-Crystallian Head Knights
-Crystal Guardians (With this I shall explain more in depth the certain powers each elemental magic has)
-Past Crystal Guardians
-Past Crystal Bearers
-I do plan to do something with Madara and Celeste (Since they are my favorites surprise surprise)
-There might be more added later
-(Miscellanious pictures ((Ones that are not character introductions)) will be made along the way, but they are not planned, so I will not list them)

I'm thinking of a cross over when all of Crystallia's characters are done with just for shits and giggles.

***Getting a major clean up!!! I've just started, and it is in the process!!
-Tenebrin royal family portrait
-Something with Sermira, Livella, and Sharila
-Something with Abbadon and Adramelech
-Couple photos for all couples
-Large possibility of me redoing the miscellaneous photos I have made
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

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Hi guys! Hows it goin? You happen to stumble across my page?
Well, let me tell you a little about myself then! I am
a bitter aspiring artist right now! I have graduated High school
and have yet to go to school for art, but it is
planned for next spring or fall. Most of my art is
just for myself, but I can do other shit for other
people, just don't be a dick please! Just kidding just commission
me and I don't give a fuck how you treat me.
Anyways, I'm just your average 18 year old female. Chillen on
the couch when not working playing video games, arting, reading,
or other shit girls do like hair and shit. Do you enjoy me? No? Nor do I.


Some more shit for you!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 14, 2017, 9:47 PM

Hey guys, I've got some more shit for you coming your way!  Well, its more coming my way in the end, but that is besides the point!
I've got some things to say and ask!  So first!  Sorry I've not been posting work draws!  All I've been doing is character sketches and things for Unibris/Tenebris!  What can I say, I'm excited!  Going off that, I'm going to make a poll about them!  You'll read what it is when you see it!  And some more going off of that!  I'm seriously considering doing the make over real damn soon rather than waiting for Crystallia to be done!  What can I say, I am hella impatient, and I super duper hella want to get Unibris and Tenebris going on the road!  I've got more than enough capability to do Crystallia and Unibris/Tenebris, what do you guys think?  I would make a separate poll, but I'm already making one, no need for a second! 
Second to last!  I'll finishing replying over the days, if I do not do it all tomorrow!  I had plans to do it all today, but I ended up being busy.
Which leads to my next point!  Of course, I am going to be busy playing BOTW, but more so with family.  Shitty fucking timing, both of my parents are (Well one is Dad already had his) having surgery, and they definitely need help!  So I doubt I will be able to get much done in the drawing aspect, at least with digital considering traditional is done at work!
And lastly!  I noticed I completely forgot to do headcanons and funfacts in the last journal!  However, I cannot find my headcanons right now, so I'll just give you four fun facts!!

******Update!  Please read!!
Hey there guys!  an update!  I was going to make a new journal for this, but I figured why not just add it to this one!
So, I've got another question for you.  After reading something, I think I might change Unibris and Tenebris up a little more than just makeovers and giving more history and things like that.  I might make them human.  While I do enjoy how I make them now, I think that it might be holding me back a little more.  And since I plan to have a professional career in art, I think I should try to expand more.  I need to practice on doing human faces and anatomy more, and I think that this is optimal time.  Of course, I will keep Crystallia the way it is now, but sometime in the future, if I ever give it a redo like Unibris and Tenebris, I would do the same and make them human as well.  I just wanted to let you guys know, that this is a serious probability, and one that will most likely happen!
Now, I am not saying I am quitting the sonic style!  I of course will do some now and again for requests, gifts, or art trades, things like that!  And if I ever make a request, have an art trade, or a gift, feel free to make them as they were or interpret them in the sonic style if you are used to that/if you want to!  I will have no complaints if you do it like that, none at all! 
Well, I guess that is it!  Until next time!

Crystallia funfact 12!!!: The planet Crystallia is on has two moons, not one.  Though the second one is extremely small.

13!!!!: Although Arian is rather close with Madara, he still fears him slightly.  Madara knows of this and uses it to his advantage sometimes, usually just messing around though.

14!!!!:Yin Release was not intended to be a power used by people.  Evangeline created all other powers besides it.  Yin Release actually came from Indra, though it has evolved and changed from his own powers.  It came from Indra’s ability to use Shadow Lightning.

15!!!: Yang Release was also a power not intended to be used by the people of Crystallia.  Yang Release came from Indra’s younger brother, Paarthurnax.  Unlike Indra’s, Yang Release has not been developed through another kind of power.  Yang Release comes directly from Paarthurnax’s ability of light manipulation.

  • Listening to: Prince Sidon Theme (Plz someone extend it already)
  • Reading: The subtitles in BOTW eyyyyy
  • Watching: The screen lol BOTW is in my household XD
  • Eating: Some bomb af mac and cheese #lazyfoodlife
  • Drinking: Water

Enjoy some music!! Please pardon the ad if there is one!

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How in depth do you want me to go into Unibris and Tenebris? 

1 deviant said I literally want a series about this shit. Give it to me all, I want to know the most tiniest of details
1 deviant said I'm perfectly fine with just the characters and their bios!
No deviants said It would be cool if you went a little deeper into it, like gives us lores and background information on how you named things, stuff like that.
No deviants said Yo I don't give a fuck



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