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About me!

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Well hey there! I see you've happened to come across my page! Well then, let me tell you a little about myself then! I'm a graduate, though I've yet to go to collage (Hopefully for art sometime in the futute, but I foresee myself getting my gen eds done this fall!) Most of my art is just for myself, though I absolutely can do requests (or gifts if we ever become close friends!), art trades, or collabs! Just don't be a hand full please, I already can barely handle my own shit, and I'll probably cry if I have to handle more, honestly!
About myself now! I've been on deviantart for 9 years, though only 4 on this particular profile. I'm just a 19 year old trying to get through life how I see it! Most of the time if I'm not on my computer and tablet, I'm either playing Zelda or doing my hair and nails (Mostly nails, I really enjoy nail art!) Whenever I have the time I like to read, mostly the Harry Potter books if I'm honest! It gets hard to juggle all this with a full time job, but I manage it mostly! You can learn more about my interests if you look at the stamps on my page if you really want to! That is all I have for today!!
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***Currently redoing current characters before continuing onward***
-Crystallian Head Knights
-Crystal Guardians
-Past Crystal Bearers
-More might be added later on
-I'm sure miscellanious will be added along the way
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I might do a cross over with Crystallia and Unibris/Tenebris just for shits and giggles.
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***In the process of cleaning up and redoing*
-Rest of Gods and Goddesses
-Royal Family
-Head Knights (For Unibris)
-Champions (Formerly known as sages)
-More might be added on later
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Mon May 15, 2017, 9:56 PM
Hey guys!  Just here to check in and say hi!  Provide a little update, and can't forget those facts and headcanons of course!
First off, let me just apologize for the fact I literally shat art on you.  I've been procrastinating posting this stuff, and finally compiled it all and did it.  Also, I FINALLY WROTE THE LAST CHAPTER FOR AWAKENING YAAAY!!!  I will be typing it up after this, since I handwrote it at work!  Hopefully posting it today or after work tomorrow!
So, lets get with updates with Aulia's/Crystallia's redoing.  The poll has decided that I shall do things randomly, and honestly, I think that is the best course.  Also, I shall be doing things like plant life and lores and all that shit inbetween characters.  Though I have to sort through it first, that shouldn't take long.  I do not have anything for Crystallia's right now, but I will keep you in tuned!! 
Well, that is it for now!  Just wanted to do a small one!!

***Update!!  I've thought of an idea that I would like your opinion on!  I think it would be pretty awesome, but a second opinion could never hurt!  I was thinking, between characters, what if I did fusions of the ones I've done?  If you do not know what fusion is, it is essentially mashing two characters together to make one different one.  I think it will be a challenge and was wondering if you would be interested!!
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Crystallia funfact 18!!!  Celeste took a rather large part in designing the castle.  She had certain things designed for the amusement of herself and Madara, such as including enchanted rooms that only appear under certain circumstances or little secret areas that almost no one knows of to this day.

Headcanon 7!!! Have you realized yet that I really like cross over headcanons?  No?  Well you will now.  Of course it isn’t a secret my favorite Zelda characters are (now) Revali and Vaati.  So it comes to no surprise to anyone that knows me that of course I am going to headcanon interaction between them.  I could absolutely see Revali and Vaati being best friends after some trial and error (Both of them have a huge ego after all.  But I feel like they could eventually work past it given the right situation).  Let’s just look at some common traits.  They both hate Link (Though I believe Revali is more justified, though that is for a different discussion), both are quite arrogant and egotistical, though with reason if you think about it, and both have the ability of flight (It isn’t a secret that is something Revali prides himself on) (I also have a headcanon that Vaati holds the ability to partial transfigure himself, I.E transfiguring his Vaati’s Wrath wings onto his Hylian form if that makes sense).  I think they would just totally click after a bit.  I could absolutely see them having friendly competitions to help improve the other (also to show off of course), and would teach each other their respective skills.  Such as Revali helping Vaati out with archery and Vaati (trying to) teach Revali the art of swordsmanship, which Revali would totally be a damn klutz I think.  I also think that, if Vaati was in Breath of the Wild, he would totally adopt the Rito style of clothing, traditions, and mannerisms.  (Also of fucking course I have a sketch of Vaati in the Rito Armour, though in his own twist.) (Should I showcase this?)

  • Listening to: Calamity Ganon's Theme (Melody Geeks version)
  • Reading: A lot of Revali x Link fanfic (Rereading now)
  • Watching: HGTV
  • Playing: Is that really a question?
  • Eating: Bananas help the Yiga Clan have captured me
  • Drinking: Water

Enjoy some Crystal-esque music!

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For Aulia, should I do all the divine first (including Tenebris), or should I do just the Unibrin divine and then the new Unibrin characters before Tenebris? 

2 deviants said Do all the divine first!!
1 deviant said Do all the Unibrin characters before the Tenebrin characters!



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Darkmysticknight Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello dear! Just visiting your page (like I mostly do XD) and I noticed you decorated your page some more!
I love the little Crystals and cresent moons you've added, I see you also have the Divine beasts!
And can I also add how cute your welcome picture is? I still adore the chibi style you gave to both Sharila and Aluella, and it even sparkles, you did a wonderfull job on that!
Also the new stamps you added are really nice, your page is really beautiful dear!
CrystalizedNight Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed I have!  I don't know why, but I just really wanted to give it a make over!  I've actually done a few more things after you commented! 
I am glad you liked them!  I really wanted something that would fit better!  Indeed I have!  They were so incredible, I couldn't resist!
Thank you very much!  Obviously I had to update it since they are no longer anthro!  I am glad you like it!  I thought it would be cute! (Also I was wayyyy to lazy to do them actually XD)  I absolutely had to!  I am glad you like it, dear!
Thank you very much, love!
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Thanks for the fave.
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I'm a little late, but thank you very much, dear!! :iconhuggleplz: :iconhuggleplz: :iconhuggleplz:

Indeed I did!  I got lots of Harry Potter and Zelda stuff, it was great!  And I'm a little (Not) ashamed to say I had like half the cake...XD  I can't help it, it was good fudge frosting! XD
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